Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Christmas to Remember...

In front of our Christmas tree at home...

The twins with my Nana and Papa, their Great-Grandparents...

Sleeping through Christmas day in front of the fire...

Well, we headed to my parent's house in Montgomery, AL on the Thursday before Christmas right after the boys got their 2 month shots. They didn't like it very much, and they let us know it. But they were little troopers, and slept almost the whole way home. Honestly, it was probably harder for me to watch them cry, than it was for the boys. But they survived and so did I.

Once we got there and got all settled in, Drew began crying uncontrollably. If you've spent any amount of time around the twins, you know that they just don't cry very much. So I immediately knew something was wrong. I picked him up, and for some unknown reason checked his hernia. It was protruding much farther than normal, and he acted like he was in pain. So we called the pediatrician and the on-call nurse at the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital (where the boys will have their surgery on the 27th) and they said that if it were to get worse, it would be best to be near a Children's Hospital. Feeling worried for our baby boy and sad about leaving family, we threw everything in the car, and headed back to Nashville at 10:00 pm on Christmas eve. We got home at about 2 in the morning, and walked in to an empty house, a bare fridge and two boys who were WAY off their schedule. But Michael built a fire, and we pulled dinner together with what we could find, and we made the boys' first Christmas one we'll always remember! At least you can't say we're boring...always an adventure! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

it's about time!!!

i cannot believe that ben and drew are 8 weeks old, and i have not posted one thing since their birth! i'm horrible at this whole blog thing. but what can i say? things tend to stay pretty busy around here. to be honest, it's really comical how many times i've sat down, and actually tried to update this page. but inevitably, just as soon as i start, someone will start crying or need something. even now as i sit here and type, ben has spit his paci out by accident and is telling me that he'd like me to come and put it back in his mouth.

life has held so much for us since the birth of our little guys: first baths, first halloween, first thanksgiving, and this past weekend we had christmas with michael's family. next weekend we will be with my family in montgomery. the twins have no idea what christmas is, or even that there are presents involved, but we are enjoying this season with them. we took them to the opryland hotel to see the lights, and i got so much pleasure from watching the boys watch the twinkle lights. they loved it! their eyes were as big as saucers, and i don't think ben even blinked. so cute. they've come quite a long way from their meager 4 pound start at life. we go to the doctor on thursday, and i'm certain that they now weigh more than 8 lbs a piece! here are just a few pictures from our journey thus far. ... and i promise to do better with the updates! ;)

though this is a terribly unflattering picture of me, i had to include it because it shows just how little my sweet baby boys were when they were born. i get teary just looking at this one.

here is a picture taken at the breakfast with santa at otter creek. i just love our church!!! and since getting anywhere with these little fellas is quite an ordeal, we were very very late getting there. but we got the picture! for those of you who still can't tell them apart, ben is on santa's left, eating his hands because he's hungry, and drew is on the right!

and here we are at the opryland hotel. all four of us!!! look at how big ben and drew are! merry christmas!!!