Tuesday, August 30, 2005

To the Two People Who Actually Read This...

Okay, a huge apology!! I am seriously the WORST blogger EVER!!!! They probably have rules against people logging blogs who are as far behind as I am. But here I am, posting my second blog...I guess that makes me a rebel. How exciting! I digress. To the best of my knowledge, Katharine and my mama are the only people who actually read this thing. And I talk to them every day, so I figure I'm not really tearing anybody up by having been so forgetful. It's not really that I've been forgetting to update everyone on how the boys and I are doing, it's just that we've been so busy lately. Hopefully things are settling down just a bit.

So, onto the information that you probably logged on here for. We went to the Dr. last week, and got a glowing report. They were just bouncing away on the ultrasound, playing and kicking and being boys. It was so sweet, and I think I cry every time I see their images up there on that screen. It's just so amazing to think about the two of them. Their heads were touching, and it kind of looked like they were talking. You can already see very defined noses, eyes, mouths and chins. One of them was trying to suck his thumb. Dr. Crowe said that they looked "fantastic," which makes a worry-wort like me only feel somewhat better. They each weigh 2lbs and 2oz, which is rare that they are still developing at exactly the same pace (also a good sign).

She has now moved us to a schedule of 1 visit every 2 weeks, and at our next visit, she is anticipating cutting back my work hours. I knew this would come at some point in time, but I've felt so good this far, and have gotten such good reports that I was not really prepared for it to come this soon. I guess it's the hormones, but I cried at the thought of leaving all my sweet sweet girlfriends at work. These women have become my family in the last year and a half, and there is no way they could possibly know how much they have meant to me.

This week is a little more low-key than last week was (thankfully!), so hopefully I'll get myself back on track with letting yall know what is going on with us. At least, that's the goal!