Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our 2009 has seemed to fly by already! We've already managed to begin a few projects around the house, celebrate 5 birthdays and 1 anniversary, go on a grown-ups only vacation (BIG thank you to MawMaw and PawPaw for playing with the buddies while we were away!!!!!), celebrate Valentine's day and plenty of other fun stuff in between. Here are a few pictures to document a little bit of what's been going on in the Blankinship house:

Helping Daddy tile the laundry room (we had to take a break from all the hard work to take a bath and get ready for bed).
Playing in Mommy's uggsTaking Otter (our class pet at school) for a weekend of fun. Every Saturday morning we go with Daddy for some guy time to eat donuts at our favorite place here in Spring Hill. So we took Otter with us........and then showed him how to pick out the ones with the most sprinkles........and then later that night, we showed him how we help Mommy cook, while Daddy grills out and makes us a fire for a fun night of hanging out at home together. The parents were invited to join in for the Valentine's Day party at school, and I honestly wasn't sure how the boys would do having me at school with them. I almost didn't go. But the thought of them looking around at the other mommies who were there, and then wondering where their mommy was, was just too much. So I went. As it turned out, Mimi was here spending a few days shopping and celebrating BeBe's birthday, so she was able to come to the party with me. They loved having us both there, and showing us their classroom. But when it came time for us to leave or for them to follow directions from the teachers, the fun was over. It wasn't pretty. I'm still not sure if I should go to another class party or not. Here they are with their class, who they talk about constantly. Drew (and Mimi) showing me that he likes to eat "pinecones" (or to the rest of us, pineapple.).
And my sweet Ben, who hates to have his picture taken. While this isn't the best picture of him since he isn't looking at the camera, trust me that this is the best one I got of him all day. Of course, my boys spoiled me for Valentine's Day with flowers, presents, and getting to sleep really late Saturday morning. And Ben and Drew seemed to enjoy making "Balentimes" for Daddy this year for the first time. Though I let them make his cards every year, up until this year it's been totally lost on them. So it was fun to explain they 'why' and them be able to understand. I certainly feel blessed beyond measure and loved more than I deserve. I hope I did a good enough job of doing the same for my three wonderful guys.

That about does it for whats up with us lately. Thanks for checking in on us!