Friday, January 13, 2006

So.....this morning after the first feeding of the day we were playing on the floor as usual. Just playing and singing and being silly. I was loving on Ben, right in his face. And that little buger chose that exact moment to spit up in my face. There I was, in my robe with baby spit up in my eye. I cannot even begin to tell you how gross that was. Ahhhh...the joys of motherhood that no one warns you about.

Anyways, I couldn't resist taking some pictures of these little guys while they were playing! They're getting so big, and have come quite a ways in these short 11 weeks. Just in the last several days they have discovered their smiles, and it's so sweet to watch them smile at me and kick their legs in excitement.
Here is Ben playing in the Baby Einstein Exersaucer that the girls from work gave us. They're still a little bit too small to really play with it, but they really seem to like looking at all the bright colors and fun shapes. Lots of visual stimulation.

And Drew is laying on the boppy (my very best friend these days) playing with this toy that he lays underneath. He looks up at it, and watches all the lights and listens to music. They just kick their little legs and coo, so I guess that means they like it.

This was taken when my sweet sweet friend Katharine came to visit while on her way to Atlanta (sorry Anna Banana! I just HAD to steal her for the night!).

Ben gives his Aunt Britt some good lovin'. I'm so glad that she lives in town!!! Some days she is the only way I get to take a 15 minute shower!!! Sad, but true. She's in grad school, so she's got lots of time to come out to the house, or run errands with us.

And here Aunt Britt gets to give DrewBoo some love.
We've had such a good week. In addition to Britt hanging out with us, Angie, one of our friends from church, brought her little boy Elijah over to play one day. He's a good bit older than the buddies, but he seemed to have fun playing with all the toys. And yesterday we went for a walk in the park with Darci, her son Brax and Sallie, who should give birth to Eli in just a few weeks. We have such a great group of friends, and it's so neat to be a part of group of people to raise your children with.

Today it is super icky outside - thunderstorms and rain and lightning. So, we are not going out to lunch with all the mommies like we'd planned. Instead we are having a fun day at home and just hanging out.

Thanks for checking in with us!!! I'll keep you all posted on how Ben and Drew are doing as soon as I get another spare second. Love you all.