Saturday, August 18, 2007

First REAL Haircut

Up until now, when the boys' hair got a little too long, I'd just trim it up myself. Now, if you've actually seen my children's hair up-close, then you know that mommy is no hair dresser. I just snip off enough to make it look not as bad as it did. But lately it's gotten a little too shaggy, and we decided that it was high time for someone who knows what they're doing to step in. So, we loaded up and headed to get a haircut this Saturday morning.

Here is how we entertained them until it was our turn: with shampoo packets. Those were apparently the coolest, because they worked. Who knew?

This is Ben sitting in the chair by himself. You can tell he did not like it, or the cool cape at all.
So, mommy stepped in, put on a cool cape too, and we were able to proceed...but still a little apprehensively.
Look at me, Daddy! This is Drew's turn (or "ahh sern" as he says). Michael said "Buddy, show me your smile". This is the face he got.
A little unsure about the lady with the scissors.He ducked down into his cool cape laughing when she tickled the back of his neck with her buzzer.And just what do you get if you act like a big boy, and do a good job while getting your hair cut?

Suckers! No, we never let them have suckers. So this was a huge treat. But bribery for some good behavior in public is not beneath us.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Big Helpers

These are the AFTER pictures:
The BEFORE pictures (that you don't see) are of a bed that is made up (all 6 pillows in place), folded laundry just about to be put up, no trucks (or 'kuks' according to Ben), and no children on it. I left that scene to get more laundry to fold for just a second - literally - and above is what I came back to. He was having such a great time driving the 'kuk' over the big mountains that I had to grab the camera. ...and then get to work RE-folding the clean clothes. His partner in crime was still taking a nap when all of this happened.

If I am doing laundry while they are awake, this is where they love to be:
They think it's so funny to throw the clothes into the washing machine. Sure, it takes a little longer, but they are entertained and that makes the day go a little more smoothly.
This is just a random shot I got of them while I was trying to wash all of the sunscreen off of them after we came home from the pool.
And this is the face Drew makes when you tell him to "show me your smile." It's one of the funniest faces I've ever seen, and he loves to show off lately. Anything from wrestling down on the floor with Daddy to dancing in circles as fast as he can, he'll do if you pay him attention.

Ben, on the other hand, has become quite the little quiet thinker. He'll be happy to do all his puzzles for 15 minutes all by himself. He's fascinated by 'bee metheth' (big messes) lately. As in when he sees leaves on the driveway or paper on the counter, he'll say 'bee meth, mommy.' So the other day we came downstairs from naptime to get our afternoon snack. I pulled out his chair only to find a few crumbs that I had missed from lunchtime, and he says 'bee meth, mommy.' I --trying to make a point with him-- said "that's right, Ben. That is a big mess. Who made that mess?" and he looks up at me without any hesitation and says 'God did.' I guess all that drilling about "who made the sun?, who made the trees?, who made your nose, etc..." has finally sunk in....sort of.