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Our first day in the Domincan Republic while visiting TJ and Holly back in 2007. Our luggage didn't make it there till the next evening, but borrowed clothes and all we still had a great little getaway in paradise.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all the other stuff in between!

The wait is finally over!! ....if there are any of you who actually still check our blog, then I'm sure you're all passed out on the floor by seeing that today there is an update, as it's been far too long since I last posted. Anyways, since this blog is more a way to scrapbook for the twins, than it is anything else, here is a brief rundown of our last 6 weeks or so...

Breakfast with Santa at Church~
This is the first year (other than when they sat on Santa's lap at a whopping 2 months old) that Ben has NOT freaked out when seeing the Big Guy. This year, I guess he got it. Drew and Ben both jumped right up there and told him very politely that they'd like a choo-choo train and a fast jeep. By the time the whole Christmas season was over they sat in a total of 3 different Santa's laps, and each time had the same answers about what they were wishing for. As it turned out, Mommy and Daddy provided the choo-choo tracks and Thomas trains...Santa only had room in his sleigh for one really big gift.

Spring Hill Christmas Parade~
Then later that night, BeBe came out to our house to bundle up and go with us for the very first Spring Hill Christmas Parade. Now, I'll just confess up front that I had really low expectations of what this Parade would be....we were really only doing this so the boys could experience their very first Christmas parade. But I cannot say enough about how well done it was. And it was HUGE! I think our whole city came out to support every business, church, civic group and organization that worked so hard on the floats. They all did a really good job with it all. And even though it was pretty cold, we had a great time.
Otter Creek Preschool Christmas Program~
This being the boys' first year in preschool, they've never had the opportunity to be in front of such a big audience and perform. So we really had no idea what to expect on this Thursday morning. Would there be tears? shouting? running through the paparazzi of parents to find us? None of the above, in fact. Drew, our little performer hammed it up and shouted "Mommy?!?!" in between every song to make sure we were watching his every move, and to ensure that we were applauding loudly enough. Ben, our little introvert, hates the spotlight, but did really well. He sang every song, and sort of did the motions, but sat back in his chair for almost the entire time just chewing his gum (that some Mommy who will remain nameless forgot to take out of his mouth, while running around the school that morning in prep for the class party).
Here they are after the program in the classroom listening to Miss Betsy read a story. Notice the stockings they hung [by the chimney, with care] that they are sitting underneath. Here they are with Miss Jeannie, who is the aide in Miss Betsy's class.And here with Miss Betsy. They are both such great teachers, and we are so thankful to have the boys in their class. They love and pray over each child, and our boys love them both dearly. They have been such a blessing to Ben and Drew's development, both educationally and spiritually. And here they both are with Miss Pat, who is a dear friend of mine. She is in her 26th year as Director at OC, and she is such a gift. Nelson Family Christmas~
So, next my parents came up to celebrate with us the weekend before Christmas. Here is the "before" picture of our den. Its a little out of control, don't you think?For some reason, we didn't get many good "during" and "after" pictures on our camera. But my Dad did, and then proceeded to post some really embarrassing ones of me and Britt on his facebook page. Thanks, Dad! ;)

My parents had never seen the Christmas lights out at Opryland. Every time we've tried to take them it's been pouring down rain and way to awful to even attempt it. And this year was no different. But we decided to brave the elements and go anyways. I'm so glad we did because my mom, who LOVES Christmas, was like a kid in a candy shop.Blankinship Family Christmas~
Then it was off to Missouri. We were able to do some really fun things that I've wanted to do with Ben and Drew for Christmas, but up until this year, they had really been to little to get it or enjoy it. So this year was so much for Michael and I to be able to experience the joy of Christmas through their eyes.
Here they are playing in a big box with their cousin Dresden.
We made sugar cookie dough and let the kids roll it out, cut it into shapes, and then decorate the cookies to leave for Santa and Rudolph. Dresi's face says it all...let's just say Shari's kitchen was covered in flour, icing and sprinkles! ;)
The finished products (that Ben hadn't eaten one or more bites off of). Not too bad, I think!And then Christmas morning, here is a picture of the boys driving [read: wrecking into all the walls, furniture, and people] the new jeep that Santa left. We will be working on our steering skills as soon as weather permits, needless to say.One of the neatest things about Centralia is that every Christmas morning the firefighters and Santa turn on the sirens and take goodie bags to every child in the city. They go street to street, and I love this tradition since it's something Michael and Michelle loved as children too. How special that they get to pass this down to these three sweet pumpkins.

There are so many things that made this year special for me: being able to really talk to Ben and Drew about the birth of Jesus and watching them absorb such an important part of our faith, watching them get excited about giving presents to people they love, letting them help me decorate our tree, then listening to Drew say "Mommy, Santa's going to LOVE it", making our own traditions that will be important to them, and so many others. It was a wonderful season. But as good as it was, I think its safe to say that I am glad we only do it once a year because at the end, we were all exhausted!

So now we have hit the ground running in 2009. Hard to believe its here. That about covers all our high points of the season. Thanks for checking on us. I'm now going to sit back, relax, and watch my inbox fill up with comments of friends who can't believe I've actually're welcome!