Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Under the Big Top!

Obviously, its not February. However, I do want to remember what we did in that month of this year. So here goes. We thought it would be a fun treat to take the boys to see the circus for the first time this year. We've wanted to take them before this year. Seems like we discuss doing it each time it comes in town. But then we've always decided against it because its kind of a long show, and we just weren't sure if they would think parts of it were scary. But this year, since they are 4 (four and a half if you ask them. Yes-the 'half' is a very big deal at this age.) we thought they would really enjoy it. And they DID! In fact, I'd even say they loved it. We really made a whole day of it, thanks to our friend Jaime who told us to show up extra extra early to see the pre-show. So we did, and we were able to get them right up on the velvet rope to watch a few of the clowns perform. You can tell a little bit from this picture what they thought of it, but it really doesn't do it justice. Truly, they were belly laughing so hard that they were cackling and roaring. Almost couldn't catch a breath. I definitely didn't expect them to think that the clowns were so funny. But Ben especially thought they were hilarious.

So then it was time for the main event. Michael scored us some really great seats so they were able to really get into all of the action. And, of course, any time you take a break of any sorts - even if that break was meant for you to get to those really great seats - if you're 4, it is viewed as an opportunity for a snack {read: junk food}. But hey, when in Rome, right? So Daddy got us all settled in to our seats and headed back out to snag some very brightly colored sno cones in the biggest, funnest cups he could find. What a treat for these boys!Here they are right before the show began:And a few shots of all the fun during the show itself.

It really was a well-done show. We even enjoyed ourselves too. But the best part was getting to watch Drew and Ben have such a fun experience for the first time. When I think of it that way it really was the greatest show on earth.