Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Easter!

We kicked off our Easter season with the boys' class party and picnic. What a fun time they had! The party was the church playground and pavilion and we were fortunate to have some perfect weather for the day.

We started off with some time on the playground with all our buddies

Time for some lunch.....
....and for dessert they each got to decorate their own cupcake! Look at how hard they are all concentrating. Followed by some sack races
Drew getting ready to raceBen ready to jump And then it was time to find the eggs
My two precious boys and I The three musketeers
With our teacher, Mrs. Fisher
And one with our whole class

Big Boy Beds Built for Twins!!

We sure have gotten every bit of use out of the toddler beds. But they are long gone, and not to be missed. We've moved on to bigger and better and - most importantly - longer. Which is important since they are both growing and growing.
We found a great deal on these from some people at church and then had them refinished to match the rest of their bedroom furniture. They ended up looking pretty good, I think.
So far we haven't had any arguments over who will get to sleep on the top bunk, which was surprising to me. But they do both want to sleep on the bottom bunk. I don't know, maybe it feels like a little fort under there. So we began a rule that we'll switch who gets to sleep where on the first of every month. So far, so good. Let's hope it continues.
Here are a few pictures of our first night in the big bunk beds!