Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Our Babies Are Coming!

okay, we went to the doctor yesterday, and - as promised - here's the latest:

unless ben and drew decide to come on their own before, we will do a c-section on october 21st!!!!! i am so excited i can hardly stand it!!! i mean, that's so soon. it's only a week from friday. i will admit that i'm not thrilled with the idea of having surgery. but dr. crowe feels like it's the safest and best route to go for all four of us. so, naturally, we went with her opinion. we'll have to be at the hospital at 5:30 that morning (do you know what time that means i'll have to get up?!?!), and they'll do the surgery at 7:30. so that means by about 9:00 our little boys will be here!!! oh, i can't wait to see what they look like. it's unlike anything i've ever felt before to have them grow and live inside me, and to love two people so much that you've never even met before. now that it's almost over, i wonder if i'll miss being pregnant once i'm not anymore.

anyways, that's the scoop. i'm sure that there's more to say, but honestly, i can't think about anything other than getting ready for them. thanks again for checking in with us and keeping us in your prayers...please continue to do so.

Monday, October 10, 2005

What a Weekend!!!

This weekend came and went in one big blur! But it was such a wonderful weekend on so many levels! Mama and Daddy were here for the Zoe Conference, so it was great to see always is. And they'll be back up here in just a couple of weeks when the boys finally get here. Can you tell that the anticipation is killing me??? And on top of that, Katharine came to stay with me for a night too! Man, I really really miss having her here.

But the real highlight of the weekend was that I finally had my shower from the girls at work and it was just the most fun I've had since I've been on bedrest. I miss my friends so so so much, and though I try to tell them, I'm sure that they don't know how much they all mean to me. I get weepy and teary eyed everytime I think about each of them, and not being there...and I don't think that it's just my out-of-control hormones. It's true emotion stemmed straight from all of the ways that they've each touched my heart. No work place is perfect, each has it's own fair share of faults. But Dr. Hunter's office really is a special place full of special people and I find myself feeling very fortunate to have been a part of it for the last year and a half. The only real consolation is that I really believe that we'll stay pretty close. The day was lovely, and as soon as Shelley (she and Diane are the work event photographers) emails me the pictures, I'll post them on this site for you all to see. The girls really went to so much trouble for me, and Michael and I were just so touched by such love and generosity!

I will admit though, that my body is very worn out after all that busy-ness this weekend. And since Michael is in New York for the day, I'm doing my best to not do anything at all. I'll post more tomorrow after we go to the Dr's should be a good one!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Day 9 and Counting

Okay, okay, okay. Now, I have shown ultrasound pictures to my Nana and Papa. And they have told me that only a proud mama could actually see a baby in the pictures. But seriously, these are the pictures from yesterday, and I can definitely see two of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen. The top one -- just in case these need an explanation -- is of Ben's profile. See his sweet little nose and mouth?! How cute is he???!!! The next one was taken looking down on Drew's face. And the last one was just so sweet. Both of their little heads are down and touching side by side. They have been in this position now for the last couple of months, which means that I often wake up with a sore rib cage, or with a lop-sided tummy from all the knees and feet that poke at me. But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, and I love that there is so much that the three of us have shared that no one else will ever know about. I think that that is the part of being pregnant that I'll miss the most. Well, that, and of course having both of my arms and hands at my own disposal.

The visit yesterday was good. The Dr. said that both of the boys look great, and it looks like the medicine helped them be a little bit more content with staying inside for a little while longer. The only really noteworthy thing that came from our visit was that at next week's visit we will go ahead and schedule a date for the end of October sometime to induce labor if they don't come on their own. That will be pretty cool to choose their birthdate. However, if I know my husband, then I'm sure he'll pick some date relevant to UT game day so he can have "Rocky Top" playing in the room when they come into the world, or something crazy like that.

Anyways, today is day 9 of bedrest, and since I have the most wonderful sister in the whole world, it hasn't been quite as bad as I'd dreaded. She comes over when she doesn't have class, and hangs out with me, and gives me something to look forward to. I try to keep my activities to one thing per day, and that works out pretty well since much more than that makes my feet swell up and I get exhausted.

Well, time for me to head back to the couch. I'll post more as soon as there is more to write! Thanks for checking in, and keeping us in your prayers!!!